Our new product Veri Shades : the softness and style of curtains with the versatility of blinds.

Feeling like curtains but with the versatility of blinds, they are made from a wonderfully soft fabric with alternating opaque folds.


There are no weights or chains, so you can walk through them anywhere, whether they’re opened or closed – they just sway out of the way and settle back perfectly.

This makes them perfect for creating a soft feature across a large opening. (they can span up to 6m).

With the turn of a wand you can easily adjust the Veri Shades to control and adjust light levels depending on the position of the sun, or privacy required.

Veri Shades use a single track, giving you more space in your rooms and only taking up half the space to achieve the same results from curtains.

The fabric folds are soil resistant and can be easily taken down and individually washed or replaced in a matter of seconds.

The fabric is UV stabilised so it is resistant to fading. Fire retardant Veri Shades are also available. There is no PVC or filler in Veri Shades. Available in a range of soft, neutral colours.