The forecast is for a long very hot summer. The heat can be unbearable, especially if you are stuck indoors. Our air-conditioners work over time during the sunnier months. But blinds can also help keep you cool. Below are a number of blinds that will help you beat the heat:

Roller Blinds

There’s no greater provider of atmosphere and ambience, in any room of any home, than light. Roller blinds come in screen, translucent, or blockout fabric types, and are able to allow various levels of natural light in, based on the type of material you choose.

Roman Blinds

Battling the heat is a big task when the sun is shining through your window all day. Roman blinds come in a variety of fabrics that not only block out the sunlight but act as insulation. The block out capabilities of roman blinds’ fabrics also help you through those summer nights where you just want to relax in a dim, cosy space.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds come with simple, easy-to-use controls that rotate the slats through 180° giving absolute control over the light and the desired level of privacy. Vertical Blind fabrics vary from total block out to light filtering, allowing you to control the amount of light and heat which enters your room.

Wooden & Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Direct sunlight in your living room or bedroom makes a big difference in comfort, especially during Summer days. While fabric blinds are a great way to help dim the room and insulate the space, some sunlight still gets through the softer materials. Venetian Blinds are a helpful alternative for those who don’t want to install dense blackout shades but still want to keep sunlight away.


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