Vertical Blinds are often overlooked, often underappreciated, but are some of the most practical window treatments around.

Why do we at Complete Blinds consider Vertical Blinds to be so practical and why do we love them?

Perfect for Sliding Glass or Patio Doors

Window coverings for sliding glass doors and patio doors need to open from side-to-side (just as the door does) and need to be durable and easy to clean since doors are usually higher traffic areas. In terms of window coverings that slide from side to side and offers louvres or vanes that can be tilted to allow various degrees of light in, then there’s really only one choice: Vertical Blinds. When it comes to patio or sliding glass door window treatments, the product that will provide the best functionality and most versatility is a Vertical Blind.

Ideal for Wide Windows

When it comes to window treatments for wide windows, Vertical Blinds are the best solution. The majority of window treatments are operated in an up and down fashion, making the weight of a blind a primary concern. At a certain weight a blind will simply be too heavy to be lifted. The larger the window treatment, the heavier it will be. Windows that are either very wide or very tall will be difficult to cover with one blind. The side-to-side operation of a vertical blind makes it such that weight is not a concern. Vertical Blinds are able to cover windows as large as 12’ x 10’ using one headrail. A window of this size would require multiple blinds or shades if any other product beside a vertical blind were used.

Wide Range of Colours and Fabrics

With a choice from hundreds of decorator colours, patterns, plains, translucent or blockout fabrics, our range of Vertical Blinds offer a varied choice to complement any décor.

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