Many of our home have patios or verandahs on which we wish to relax and enjoy our days and evenings, but sometimes we need to shield ourselves from our neighbour’s eyes (because they too have a patio or verandah – right near ours) or we need to protect ourselves from the sun, wind or even rain. One excellent solution is to install External Aluminium Shutters.

Shutters are both beautiful and functional. They provide a touch of elegance while protecting your home and patio from the heat and sunlight and are designed to provide privacy when closed and a great view when open as well as keeping the heat at bay when the temperature rises. These Shutters are designed to block out the hot sun while allowing you to control the light and air flow in your home.

External Aluminium Shutters have been designed for such applications as: Rear Decks, Patios, Balcony’s, Court yards and wet areas, and can be installed horizontally or vertically. They are made from reinforced aluminium for strength and are available in a range of powder coated colours to meet Australian standards. Coming in a variety of styles including sliding panels, multifold, hinged, or fixed, these Shutters are resistant to chipping, sagging, warping and require minimum maintenance – making them an incredibly durable product. 

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